Slice and Sip

Episode 7

9 times out of 10, it’s pizza for the win. But what about when supply-side issues come into play? Is pizza more delicious when in short supply? This October, the world peered down on Austin, Texas for the US Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas. In attendance was a group of dads and …

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Episode 6

As a creative, it’s crucial for me to change my scenery and work in different spaces. I need new views, new distractions, and new sounds and smells on a weekly basis. Thankfully our office is nestled in downtown Spokane and within walking distance to a handful of “offices.” After last year, if the space has …

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Episode 5

Setting the scene. It’s about 70 degrees out with a cerulean sky, sun shining, and a few airy cotton ball clouds. There are seagulls flying down by the pier as you sit outside on a rooftop patio at Fort George Brewery in Astoria, Oregon overlooking the Columbia River. The air is slightly salty as drafts …

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Episode 3

Rolling across the tarmac after a bumpy landing at Denver International Airport, I looked over at Jeremy to remind him that we’ve got official business here in town: find some pizza. Among other things, of course. You didn’t think we flew to Denver just for a pizza did you?! Needless to say, the pizza was …

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Episode 2

Licensing issues aside, I love this t-shirt. Partly because I love anything pizza. But also because of the reaction I got when I gave it to my four-year-old. “Check it out buddy, it’s Spider-Man eating pizza.” “That’s silly, he’s got no mouth!,” he said.  What a hellish nightmare. You’re holding a dripping pile of deliciousness …

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Episode 1

There’s a new motto flying around at TWS these days: “All work and all play.” We get stuff done, but I’ll tell you what, we’re certainly going to enjoy ourselves while we’re at it. That said, when we decided to launch our newsletter, we knew we’d have plenty of solid marketing work to send out …

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