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Ordered and ate: 5/20/24 I’m coming in hot with a controversial opinion. I don’t like marinara, red sauce, pizza sauce, or whatever you want to call it. It’s overrated.  Disclaimer because I know this is heated: This incredibly controversial opinion is mine and does not reflect the opinions of The Woodshop team.  You’re probably thinking, who […]

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Hey there, folks! It’s me, the digital nomad bee buzzing in from The Woodshop, currently soaking up the vibrant vibes of Colombia. Originally from Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego (pin here to discover where this place is), I’ve been living in and captivated by Colombia’s stunning landscapes, friendly locals, and great quality of life for nearly

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JD Boise, The Pie Hole Last year was the best “adult” no-kids vacation of my life. While I love experiencing new places with my daughters, there’s something very freeing about not having little humans to worry over, no work responsibilities, no timelines, and no expectations outside of listening to new music and eating stellar pizza. 

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A 3-hour road trip could show up in a number of ways. One of which brings horns, traffic lights, and enough blind spot checking to require a trip to the chiropractor. The other version has a smooth start down I-90, hardly any traffic, and a single left turn towards our northerly neighbors, Canada, eh.  Now,

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Episode 27

Episode 27

“Have you ever written about Domino’s?!” the team asked in a meeting. We all looked at each other in slight disbelief… “NO – we haven’t and we eat it almost every week!” Now before you start forming your thoughts on Domino’s… have you ever had the BLACK BOX?! We didn’t learn about this box until

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Episode 25

Episode 25

This past month, Andrea and I had the opportunity to drive to Seattle and visit some amazing clients of ours—Chipper Plumbing and Radiant! While I could write a whole book about the things we did and the food we ate, I’ll stick to what we know best: coffee. ☕ On our 36-hour trip to Seattle,

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Episode 24

Episode 24

On a beautiful spring day, my small group of friends and I found ourselves passing through Sandpoint, Idaho on the way back to Spokane. It’s such a quick stop off the highway so we quickly made our way to Evan’s Brothers Coffee. Located in the Granary Arts District, this locally owned coffee shop and roaster

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Episode 23

Episode 23

To ring in my birthday and another year around the sun, I boogied down to Portland for a truly magical trip. Nestled in the heart of the Pearl District, I experienced Portland as a tourist for the first time. I normally travel for work, or family and friend-specific events. So this time around I very

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