SLICE ‘N SIP – Episode 27

“Have you ever written about Domino’s?!” the team asked in a meeting. We all looked at each other in slight disbelief… “NO – we haven’t and we eat it almost every week!” 

Now before you start forming your thoughts on Domino’s… have you ever had the BLACK BOX?! 

We didn’t learn about this box until Andrea’s boyfriend Tim introduced her and fully changed how we feel about Domino’s. 

Before we dive into the Black Box, Domino’s should get a round of high-fives because when they revamped their recipe, they leveled up 1,000%! The buttery garlic crust, the cheese, the price, the quickness, it’s too good and too easy.

Now if you’re into thin crust or the New York-style slice, the Black Box isn’t for you. She is THICC. Also known as the “Handman Pan” Domino’s puts two layers of cheese, and toppings TO THE EDGE, and bakes it all together in the pan for a crust that is golden and cheese-crispy with a buttery taste. It’s so doughy and cheesy, that it’s a literal “melt in your mouth” pizza experience. 

Clearly, at The Woodshop, we love our pizza. But there was a period when Domino’s was coming through the door 3x a week. We were addicted!!! Now we’ve paired it down and order it about once every other week. The team has their orders set, even down to the number of ranch cups needed for dipping. 

Lauren (also known as Quail) and I have a shared order that we crush. We haven’t named it yet but it’s always “Want to order OUR pizza?” Maybe we just call it the Quail and Andrea special?! 

This is how we order the Black Box: Alfredo with Pepperoni. Greasy. Cheesy. Garlicky. It’s actually finger-licking good. Be ready to have a few extra napkins on hand. 

Don’t want all that dough? Try the alfredo and pepperoni combo on any crust – trust us – it’s LEGIT. 

But really the best part about writing a Slice ‘N Sip about Domino’s is that no matter where you live, you can order and try “OUR pizza.” 

We can’t wait to hear what you think! 

Cheers! – Andrea & Lauren