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A 3-hour road trip could show up in a number of ways. One of which brings horns, traffic lights, and enough blind spot checking to require a trip to the chiropractor. The other version has a smooth start down I-90, hardly any traffic, and a single left turn towards our northerly neighbors, Canada, eh.  Now, […]

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Episode 27

Episode 27

“Have you ever written about Domino’s?!” the team asked in a meeting. We all looked at each other in slight disbelief… “NO – we haven’t and we eat it almost every week!” Now before you start forming your thoughts on Domino’s… have you ever had the BLACK BOX?! We didn’t learn about this box until

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United Logo Redesign

United Airlines has held the esteemed position of being the third-largest airline in the world since 2010. Despite their progressive approach to diversity, sustainability, and enhancing the flight experience through comfort and luxury, their current logo tells more of the story of unity rather than conveying its modern prestige. We decided to take a different

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Episode 25

Episode 25

This past month, Andrea and I had the opportunity to drive to Seattle and visit some amazing clients of ours—Chipper Plumbing and Radiant! While I could write a whole book about the things we did and the food we ate, I’ll stick to what we know best: coffee. ☕ On our 36-hour trip to Seattle,

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REI Logo Redesign

REI Logo Redesign

In the recent redesign of the REI logo, our primary goal was to honor the brand’s heritage while injecting a fresh perspective. With a conscious effort to stay true to the original design, we embarked on a journey to add more intricate details, moving away from the prevalent minimalist design trends that have dominated the

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Episode 24

Episode 24

On a beautiful spring day, my small group of friends and I found ourselves passing through Sandpoint, Idaho on the way back to Spokane. It’s such a quick stop off the highway so we quickly made our way to Evan’s Brothers Coffee. Located in the Granary Arts District, this locally owned coffee shop and roaster

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Beers as brands

Brand in a Can

The importance of a strong brand identity Think of a brand that stands out to you – and likely its brand identity is clear. A company’s brand sets a business apart from its competitors and helps establish a unique identity that resonates with customers. Your brand identity is not just limited to the name of

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