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Episode 12

SLICE 'N SIP – EPISODE 12 There’s no such thing as ONE Must-Stop Coffee Shop in PDX.  Outside of the term “foodie” being a little cringe… Portland is an absolute FOODIE PARADISE. I bet you could eat out at least twice a day, every day, for six months and never have

Episode 122022-04-29T14:16:24-07:00

The TWS Web Process

We make web building fun! We know building a website for your business can be intimidating but it’s one of the most important things to do, especially nowadays with mobile marketing and shopping becoming the most popular method of reaching your customers! We wanted to run you through our web design

The TWS Web Process2022-04-20T10:35:49-07:00


FAVORITE CORE VALUES I think it was 2016 when Jeremy and I first wrote the values out. And I know we’ve revisited them a few times now, always asking ‘are these still the right ones?’ And so far, the answer has been ‘yes’! I took to the streets (not really, but

FAVORITE CORE VALUES2022-03-18T11:26:59-07:00

Episode 11

SLICE 'N SIP – EPISODE 11 Slice n’ Sip / Slip n’ Slide It’s cold and snowy out and my truck is sliding to and fro. It’s ok though–most of the sliding is on purpose. Last fall, I went down to Austin for an F1 race (hopefully you’ve enjoyed that

Episode 112022-02-09T11:13:26-08:00

Episode 10

SLICE 'N SIP – EPISODE 10 Ladder Coffee on Monroe Street in good ol’ Spokane is a beautiful place. You walk into a view of a wide-open space with windows on every side, natural wood tones, and greenery hanging from the exposed beams overhead. I used to be a barista

Episode 102022-02-18T10:30:30-08:00

You Down With OTT?

You Down With OTT? (yeah, you know me…) Streamed television content has become one of the most exciting new opportunities for digital campaigns in recent years. With more and more smart devices in homes, including smart TVs, access continues to get easier and easier for users. As you incorporate streaming TV into

You Down With OTT?2022-01-21T07:39:04-08:00

Episode 9

SLICE 'N SIP – EPISODE 9 It’s a Friday and just Tony and I are in the office as the team is working remotely. I holler across the hall… got lunch plans, Baird? He responds with a no and before you know it, we’ve got an order in at Versalia.If you’re

Episode 92022-01-13T14:24:14-08:00

Episode 8

SLICE 'N SIP – EPISODE 8 It’s Saturday morning, and I’ve just woken up because my dog, Hank, is throwing an absolute fit. He wants to go outside and will stop at nothing until I let him out. We’re talking full-blown toddler fit, throwing this head around, scratching at the

Episode 82021-12-16T10:12:35-08:00