Slice and Sip

Episode 17

Coffee…. AND Pizza?!?!?!?! For anyone who spent time with our group, you know that both personal and professional development are embedded in our bones. And fortunately for us, our client relationships have brought us some amazing opportunities to lean into growth and push ourselves in new and exciting ways.  Earlier this month we had the …

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Episode 16

I recently got the opportunity to take a jaunt through Orlando, if you make your way from the tourist traps of Disney and Universal you actually find a fantastic downtown area with vast ethnic backgrounds and huge cultural diversity. I was out looking for a camera store, wanting a new lens, and happened to walk …

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Episode 15

Traveling north on 95 in North Idaho takes you from the beautiful downtown feel of CDA, through the suburban strip malls of Dalton Gardens, and eventually into the open spaces of Hayden and beyond. A gradient of the population gives way to nature, into the beautiful outdoors that is North Idaho.  As the density lowers, …

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Episode 14

Travel has a special place in my heart. I’m not sure if it’s the change of pace, the change of altitude, or just locking myself away from the connected world for a bit. Regardless, getting away is good for something, and coming back is just as beautiful.  Earlier in June I had another opportunity for …

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Slice N Sip Episode 13

Episode 13

Bang Ban Pizza Train! Bang Bang  verb The action of eating two meals back-to-back at different restaurants.  Myself, Tony, Genevieve, and Erin spent a few days this month down in Washougal, Washington for an upcoming project that we are more than thrilled about! If you haven’t been to Washougal, add it to your summer trip …

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Slice N Sip Episode 12

Episode 12

There’s no such thing as ONE Must-Stop Coffee Shop in PDX.  Outside of the term “foodie” being a little cringe… Portland is an absolute FOODIE PARADISE. I bet you could eat out at least twice a day, every day, for six months and never have to go to the same place and your taste buds …

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Slice N Sip Episode 11

Episode 11

It’s cold and snowy out and my truck is sliding to and fro. It’s ok though–most of the sliding is on purpose. Last fall, I went down to Austin for an F1 race (hopefully you’ve enjoyed that Slice and Sip report already) and ever since then, I’ve become fast friends with F1 racing, finishing out …

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Slice N Sip Episode 10

Episode 10

Ladder Coffee on Monroe Street in good ol’ Spokane is a beautiful place. You walk into a view of a wide-open space with windows on every side, natural wood tones, and greenery hanging from the exposed beams overhead. I used to be a barista at a place like this—ok, not this cool—so I’m liable to …

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Episode 9

It’s a Friday and just Tony and I are in the office as the team is working remotely. I holler across the hall… got lunch plans, Baird? He responds with a no and before you know it, we’ve got an order in at Versalia. If you’re looking for thin crust pizza in Spokane, Versalia is …

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Episode 8

It’s Saturday morning, and I’ve just woken up because my dog, Hank, is throwing an absolute fit. He wants to go outside and will stop at nothing until I let him out. We’re talking full-blown toddler fit, throwing this head around, scratching at the door and the side of our bed. At first I was …

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