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Brand Voice

Your business has a personality—but does your marketing match it? Fill out the Voice Chart with how you aspire to showcase your business, and then compare it to your current marketing. Are you promoting with the right voice? Download the chart, fill it out with your leadership team, and discuss how well (or not well) […]

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Episode 5

Setting the scene. It’s about 70 degrees out with a cerulean sky, sun shining, and a few airy cotton ball clouds. There are seagulls flying down by the pier as you sit outside on a rooftop patio at Fort George Brewery in Astoria, Oregon overlooking the Columbia River. The air is slightly salty as drafts

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Top Five Ways to Grow Your Home Service Business with Search Marketing

I’m going to go out on a limb here.. most homeowners do not have the websites of their local home service businesses bookmarked in their web browser. When they run into an issue, they’re more likely to turn to Google and type in “electrician near me”—and if your business isn’t near the top of those

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Episode 3

Rolling across the tarmac after a bumpy landing at Denver International Airport, I looked over at Jeremy to remind him that we’ve got official business here in town: find some pizza. Among other things, of course. You didn’t think we flew to Denver just for a pizza did you?! Needless to say, the pizza was

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Episode 2

Licensing issues aside, I love this t-shirt. Partly because I love anything pizza. But also because of the reaction I got when I gave it to my four-year-old. “Check it out buddy, it’s Spider-Man eating pizza.” “That’s silly, he’s got no mouth!,” he said.  What a hellish nightmare. You’re holding a dripping pile of deliciousness

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Email Marketing

Email is one of the most widely-used marketing channels that gives businesses big and small a chance to connect with their customers. However, while there are numerous email marketing software options designed to help you craft the perfect-looking campaign, it comes down to the strategies you enlist that will ultimately determine the effectiveness of your

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