Merchant's Craft
Soft Drink


Problem: The Merchant’s Craft brand is built around the fact that they are local to the Northwest and proud of it. In looking to update the packaging, URM wanted to lean even more into their roots. They wanted a design that could show off what the Northwest stands for, while maintaining consistency in the look of their Soft Drink, Sparkling Water, and Mixer flavors.

Solution: Inspired by the scenes of the Northwest, the new Merchant’s Craft Soda, Mixer, and Sparkling Water packaging celebrates buying local and supporting “Your Northwest” neighbors. The packaging features scenes from Haystack Rock in Oregon, Mount Rainier in Washington, the lighthouses found along the Washington and Oregon coast, the Snake River Plains of Idaho, and the Mission Mountains of Montana. With iconic landmarks from around the region, the packaging now features elements specific to all of the areas the product is sold.

Solution: An effective design that creates a personal connection for consumers in all 4 states in the Northwest. This design is playful and engaging. It is a uniform design across all shapes and sizes, with colors to represent the flavor that is sure to stand out on the shelves.