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The Woodshop can bring new life to your Social Media Marketing Efforts by employing smarter, conversion-based campaigns.

Designed to drive valuable actions on your website, in your app, or in Messenger from Meta – Conversion-based campaigns offer measurable and scalable results with social marketing.

Working with a team who can combine digital buying and creative design offers more ways to test and measure campaigns – ultimately providing the fastest route to success.

  1. Not All Clicks Are Created Equal
    Driving traffic to your website is a great objective when you want to build awareness or enhance consideration. But if sales are your ultimate goal, you need more from your campaigns. Conversions are your opportunity to create sales and not just drive traffic.
  2. Conversion Campaigns Allow You To Track ROI
    No longer will you have to guess how customers found you or attempt to utilize unreliable tracking methods to determine the success of your campaign. When Meta understands both the investment going into your campaigns and the revenues returned you now have a clear metric for ROI.
  3. Your Campaigns Will Actually Get Smarter
    You want to make money, so does Meta. That’s why they’ve built their algorithms to learn from conversions. As they learn more about who is converting, Meta’s ability to better target means your campaigns get smarter – more revenues for you – more revenues for Meta.

In less than 8 WEEKS the campaign has reduced it’s cost per conversion by OVER 60% – bringing the cost per conversion in at nearly half the client’s goal.