Boutique Spa


Problem: Cashmere Boutique Spa needed help with a social media strategy. They didn’t have a consistent plan and were struggling to find time to come up with content between client appointments. Strategic direction was missing and with Facebook and Instagram being their main marketing tactic, it was time for them to bring in a social media team. 

Solution: The Woodshop came in and hosted an intake meeting to talk about everything from their most profitable service, which services they want to grow, which services need the most education on, to what they loved and hated about their current feed and other Instagram accounts. We developed a voice chart and the tone for the account, as well as colors and type fonts, hashtag strategy, reel strategy, and a content calendar. We started working with Cashmere before the pandemic and have adapted our strategy every quarter to follow social media trends. 

Result: First of all, the Cashmere team no longer has to worry about what to post on social media! But more importantly, they have a consistent branded, curated social media profile that gives current and potential customers an idea of who they are, the services they offer, and the results they produce for their clients. On top of that, they have new clients coming in weekly from seeing posts on Instagram providing a return on their investment. Since working with The Woodshop as their social media team, Cashmere Boutique Spa has gained 13K New Followers on Instagram and their reach has more than doubled! We are proud and excited of the relationship we have with their team and the continued growth to come.