Dry Fly Distilling came to The Woodshop looking to find a new design partner for some upcoming projects. The local distillery created their brand and had done other design work with a company out of Portland, but was looking to bring the work local and find a company they could interact with more personally.

With the surging popularity of hard seltzers and canned cocktails, Dry Fly was looking to enter the marketplace. They started with a lineup of 2 canned cocktails: Gin & Tonic ans Moscow Mule. They wanted a single design template with only modifications made to represent each sku., It needed to incorporate the outdoors and create a synergy between the brand and the outdoors. The initial brief also sought to have a clean, uncluttered design. From a sales standpoint, the goal was to lower the price barriers to their product and welcome sampling at a lower cost and to a wider audience.

Dry Fly Canned Cocktail - Bloody Mary
Dry Fly Hibiscus Cosmo On The Fly Can

Working with Dry Fly to launch a new product line from the ground up provided The Woodshop with the creative opportunity to not only design the packaging, but name the product “On The Fly” Canned Cocktails and develop a sub-brand that aligned with Dry Fly’s branding and core values.

When Dry Fly first promoted the new cans on their social media accounts, they received over 270+ likes per post, creating some of their page’s most engaging posts of the year as well as an organic buzz in the local spirit scene. The products were first unveiled to the public via a tasting party at the tap room in June of 2019 and they sold out in hours. The hype hasn’t slowed down. Four years in, the “On The Fly” Canned Cocktails lineup has grown to 9 cocktails and is sold coast to coast across the United States with plans to keep releasing new flavors.

Since the canned cocktails, TWS has gone on to develop their current website and new specialty spirit labels. We are the proud design division of the Dry Fly team.

Dry Fly Distilling Bloody Mary Canned Cocktail
Dry Fly Gin and Tonic Canned Cocktail
Dry Fly Distilling Greyhound Canned Cocktail
Dry Fly Hibiscus Cosmo Canned Cocktail
Dry Fly Distilling Huckleberry Lemonade Canned Cocktail Packaging Design
Dry Fly Moscow Mule Canned Cocktail Packaging Design
Dry Fly Distilling Spiced Cran Canned Cocktail Packaging Design
Dry Fly Spicy Lemonade Canned Cocktail Packaging Design
Dry Fly Distilling Whiskey Smash Canned Cocktail Packaging Design