Traditional Media in a Digital World

For decades, brands sought after traditional media to help represent and showcase their products. With the internet and mobile devices still not at our fingertips, it was customary that people retreated to the radio, print, TV, or even billboards to represent themselves. However, as the digital era has continued to unfold, traditional media has taken somewhat of a back seat– with misleading presumptions that it’s even lost its stake in the game.

Yet, traditional media still plays a large role in the advertising and marketing world. In fact, we consume about 6 hours of it daily! So, why is it that traditional media is still important and relevant in today’s digital world? And how could it possibly benefit your business?


Up to 60 percent of consumers find traditional media, such as newspapers, print magazines, and radio to be the most credible form of advertising. Due to its long-standing run as marketers go-to hub, this is a great opportunity to elevate and market your brand as credible and trustworthy. By positioning yourself in local or even national print publications, you establish trust with your consumers and encourage them to rely on your products and services.

A trusted third-party source can even help you target your ideal audience. With numerous print publications and radio stations offered today, the door is left wide open to discover who you want to target and which mediums can help facilitate that goal. Consider radio and print, for example. These alone have hundreds of avenues to choose from. This allows you to showcase your message to the right audience or demographic, making it personal, specific, and tailored towards your brand’s needs.


Receiving a letter in the mail always feels more personal and intimate, so why aren’t more brands considering it? When you market your brand directly through the mail, you’re giving consumers a tangible piece of your business. And this even includes how it looks and feels in their hands. With traditional media, you can encourage consumers to form a relationship with you outside of social media.


Traditional and digital media should not be considered lone survivors, each forging their own path towards growth or success. Instead, businesses and organizations should consider a mix of both. This is what we like to call “the rule of three”, or a consumer coming in contact with your brand three times. If accomplished, this influences a consumer to remember or even look up your products and services.

By venturing outside just one form of media, a combination of both can generate twice the amount of attention. So, the next time someone ventures past your brand’s billboard, there’s a high likelihood they will be able to find you digitally as well… and vice versa!

Brands should be equally, if not more focused, on the SEO and searchability aspect of their site as an aesthetically pleasing design. And while a complete site rebuild may seem like a massive undertaking, there are many platforms and tools that can be used to make the process smoother. Don’t neglect your website – it’s like a digital billboard for your brand!


With the digital world now at our fingertips, it can be hard to imagine a world were newspapers, radio, and magazines still exist. However, traditional media still holds a large piece of the pie as it pertains to advertising and marketing.

Its a great credible source for your products and services and offers a wide variety of mediums for your brand to choose from. With 60% of our population still basing their purchases off television ads, 45 % off newspapers and print publications, 30% off the radio, and 31% off billboards, who says traditional media is dead?