Top 5 Business Categories Finding Success with Search Marketing

If you have a product or service to offer, someone is actively looking for it. With a good online marketing plan in place, potential customers can use search engines to find relevant terms that will lead them to your business. 

While SEO / SEM may be helpful in practically any business, we have discovered that certain industries can benefit from more than others, potentially making it the most profitable aspect of their marketing initiatives. Here are the top five industries that have benefited from search marketing.

1. Medical Practices

Dentists, physicians, and other medical professionals also provide local services that people look for in their communities. There are numerous instances why people will want to look for a local medical practice, whether they are transferring to new health insurance providers or experiencing a condition that necessitates a visit to a nearby medical practitioner. If you are new to town or your family physician has lately gone out of business, you will most likely begin your search on Google. In this digital age, medical practices have greatly benefited from search marketing.

2. Professional Services

According to studies, over 80% of consumers conduct online research before purchasing or investing. Consumers will visit your website to learn about the services you offer and read reviews to judge the quality of your job. You may be overlooked if your website does not appear in Google results, remaining undiscovered and unreachable.

Professional service providers, such as accountants, IT consultants, financial planners, and others, will wish to target prospects depending on their region. People looking for professional services to improve a new or current business look for organizations in their area, and search marketing strategies are assisting businesses in reaching their targeted consumers.

3. Home Repairs/Renovations

Home repair and renovation services are also benefiting from search marketing solutions. People needing repairs or renovations of any kind search locally for the closest businesses, which is why these businesses target customers in their service areas with local SEO. 

A further factor for local service business is your online reviews. Once they find you online, they are going to want to see your ratings and reviews too. While you don’t need to be perfect, you do need to be attentive. We’ll look here more in a future post. 

4. Restaurants and Bars

In the era of Google, people prefer searching for “Restaurants Near Me” or “Pubs Near Me” to make a decision when choosing where to dine out. Hence, restaurants and bars require SEO as well.

A franchise or a stand-alone establishment is still attached to a single physical location, making them excellent for leveraging search marketing. Depending on the nature of the business, specialized phrases may be a viable option for competitive domination, and, of course, most consumers search for restaurants on a semi-imperative basis.

5. Pet Services

Pet owners routinely search their neighborhoods for pet grooming, dog walking, animal motels, and other pet services. Pet services that ensure their internet presence have a competitive advantage and have found success with search marketing.

Final Words

While these are some of the essential businesses that could gain greatly from Digital Marketing, there are many others that could benefit from current search marketing in order to attract more target clients. When paired with other online marketing services like social media management, blog writing, and local listings, or SEO, enhancing your online marketing can help your business outperform online competitors.

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