REI Logo Redesign

In the recent redesign of the REI logo, our primary goal was to honor the brand’s heritage while injecting a fresh perspective. With a conscious effort to stay true to the original design, we embarked on a journey to add more intricate details, moving away from the prevalent minimalist design trends that have dominated the industry in recent years. 

While acknowledging the importance of maintaining brand recognition and continuity, we also recognized an opportunity to infuse the logo with additional depth and character. By carefully exploring the intricacies of mountainous landscapes and the nuanced play of light and shadow, we were able to introduce a newfound level of detail to the logo. The mountain peak, once a simple triangular form, now boasts more pronounced ridges and contours, capturing the grandeur and beauty of nature. 

The decision to deviate from the prevailing minimalist design trends was driven by our desire to create a logo that would stand out and captivate audiences. While minimalist designs have their merits, they often prioritize simplicity over intricate storytelling. We sought to strike a balance between simplicity and complexity, incorporating more visual information to evoke a sense of adventure and excitement in REI’s audience. 

We also incorporated a blocky font that adds a sense of fun and adventure to the logo’s overall look. This font choice not only conveys a playful vibe but also serves as a subtle nod to the organic elements found in the great outdoors. By blending the blocky font with the nature-centric identity, this logo redesign creates a harmonious visual representation that speaks to REI’s adventurous and nature-loving audience. 

By embracing a richer and more detailed design language, the redesigned REI logo captures the spirit of exploration and celebrates the awe-inspiring beauty of the great outdoors. This evolution not only pays homage to the brand’s history but also positions it as a beacon of authenticity and adventure in a rapidly changing world. The redesigned logo serves as a visual invitation for outdoor enthusiasts to embark on new journeys and embrace the natural wonders that await.