Virtual high-fives, we are SO excited to be working together! Thank you for your trust and for letting us step up to be a part of the team. We can’t wait to dig in and get our keyboards dirty.

Welcome to our onboarding process. Structure and process are vital to successful relationships and this onboarding allows us to outline the next steps for us and you while bringing everyone together on the same page.

By this point, we either have had an intake meeting or we have one on the calendar. The point of the intake meeting is to define objectives, KPIs, and expectations, and establish decision-makers while getting to know each other and what drives your business.

Speaking of getting to know each other; our approach to providing responsible and timely coordination of marketing tactics is to utilize professional project management software (Asana), shareable, cloud-based planning documents and calendars (Google Drive), digital reporting software (TapClicks) and team messaging tools (Slack). These platforms allow us to track, manage, and connect projects across all teams with clear communication, timelines, and deadlines.

Select a tactic below to find out what’s needed next from your team to get started. As always if you have questions please call or email us.


Do you have access to your website? If so we’ll need credentials.

Do you have Google Analytics set up? Please give [email protected] access.

Website Access for Tracking Codes
You can grant us direct access to your site by adding [email protected] to your user list. 
Or if you have someone who can access your website, please send us their contact info, we’ll work with them to get all necessary codes in place. 

Google Analytics Access
If you already have an Analytics Account you can add us as a user via Admin -> Property Access Management. Editor Access is good, please share to [email protected]
If you do not have an Analytics Account setup yet, we can set that up for you. 

Google Business Profile 
Easy peasie - We will request access to your Google Business Profile through our manager account.
When the invite shows up in your email, you simply have to accept the invitation - this will come from [email protected]

For Google Search 
No worries! We have a master account, we’ll build the new Search Accounts for you.

Google Ads
We will set your account up in our parent account.

Local Service Ads
We got you! Your new LSA Account will be built inside our master account, don't even sweat it. We’ll connect it to your Google Business Profile, which pulls in your reviews. There will be a background check process - for that, TWS will send you the link, login, and password to access the background check - then you can complete it from there.  Some industries require specialized licensing to be approved for Local Service Ads - if your industry requires additional documentation, a TWS team member will reach out to collect it.  
Google Business Profile
Please grant access to < our shared email >

Facebook & Instagram Ads
We’ll request access to your Facebook Page and set up an ad account.

YouTube Pre-Roll
Do you have a YouTube channel set up?
If so, we will need login credentials. 


1. For Facebook, we’ll request access to your page from our Manager Account 
2. Instagram does not connect via manager accounts, so for this we will need your login information (username, email, password).  
3. Once set up, we’ll provide you access to our shared content calendar.


Access for web projects should be granted to [email protected]
We’ll need some, if not all of the following: 
1. What platform is the current site on? We’ll need user access to that.
2. Where was the Domain purchased (like a GoDaddy) - we’ll need access to that.
3. Where is the site currently hosted - we’ll need access there too.
4. For Google Analytics, see above.


1. What email platform are you currently using? We will either need login credentials or for you to create a user for [email protected]