A Beginner’s Guide to Brand Recognition on the Web

Tactics such as Adwords and other Pay Per Click (PPC) options have created numerous ways to receive brand recognition and increase traffic flow towards your site. Yet with so many ways to drive traffic, it can seem like an overwhelming process. With search ads, display ads, and video ads all at your disposal, it’s important to recognize how they function, how they’re represented online, and how they benefit and fit your brands’ specific needs for your digital marketing.


“Search” ads are found where consumers do research, like Google for instance. This popular search engine caters daily to millions of online users, so it makes for a prime spot to host your business’ message. Plus, with effective knowledge and skills in tools like Google Adwords, it’s possible to boost your brand up to the top of these searches. This encourages consumers to take action on the services you provide.

It’s also important for small business’ to recognize this potential. From a professional angle, this is often the biggest mistake they can make. Small business’ can still elicit a big impression online by focusing on their message. With Google Ads, for instance, a small business can create and implement a targeted search campaign, which allows them to dominate a smaller target audience. With the right strategy, and by targeting your campaign accurately, you can appear much bigger than perhaps you actually are.


Display ads are like the billboards of the internet, usually showing up with short, easily digestible messages. Display ads can be found on web pages and web platforms all across the internet like Facebook, your local news website or your favorite blog.

They’re a great tool for supporting your digital marketing plan and popular strategies include offering a branding message, discount/ sale messages or retargeted messages based on the users experience with your website. These often come in the form of banners and showcase products or services previously viewed by consumers. This encourages them to re-engage with your site and complete the desired action.


Video display ads are found exactly where you might think. They pop up right before the main entertainment starts and often give brands the most for their money, as they tend to be a pretty unavoidable form of advertisement.

These ads also pose some great statistics for boosting consumer engagement. In addition to the 13 million combined videos watched daily on sites like YouTube and Facebook, 88% of these viewers actually watch video display ads to completion! This is a great opportunity for consumers to get a taste of your brand, and in turn, lead them to visit your site.

Search, video, and display ads all offer different opportunities for your brand, but they can also work in tandem to optimize and drive business results. While video display ads get customers engaged and interested, search ads ensure your business is up front and center when they look you up online. In addition, display ads retarget these potential consumers and remind them of the products or services they might have abandoned on your site.