Audit Your Instagram

When we get a new client, I always do an audit of their Instagram account. This allows me to see work through from a high level, down to the finer details. From there, any updates or changes can be made. I’ve fine-tuned my audits to make them as simple as possible, while still getting the most out of the process. 

First, we start with the big picture.

STEP ONE: Begin at the very top of the profile with the username, bio, profile photo, and highlight covers.

  • Does the username align with your website?
    This is important to create continuity across platforms and web presence.

  • Does the profile photo represent you well?
    For a business, it could be a logo or recognizable part of your brand kit.
    If you’re an influencer or creator, choose a photo of yourself that is recognizable, unique, and can align with your personal brand. 
  • Is the bolded name on your profile using searchable, relevant terms?
    Instagram utilizes this portion of your profile for helping you appear in searches. Use things like industry and location to show up!
  • Is the “About” section clear, concise, and communicates the overall feel of the page?
    You have limited space here, so it’s important to use it in a unique way that tells the personality and story of your brand quickly. 
  • Do you have highlight covers that provide valuable information and insight about you?
    Story highlights are a great way to showcase important information in an easy-to-find spot. They also allow you to personalize the covers to maintain an aesthetic. 

STEP 2: Look through the profile grid and analyze whether or not it is aesthetically pleasing.

  • Are they using a consistent filter on all of their photos/videos?
  • Is there a posting routine for certain types of content?
  • Is there a structured variety among posts?

STEP 3: On each post, is there consistent language being used that fits the brand voice?

  • Does the voice of the posts match across all of them?
  • Are you sending a similar message throughout the entire channel?
  • Do you have emojis that are consistently being used as a recognizable component of your brand?


Are there relevant hashtags being used on each post? Add in a mix of brand-related hashtags, location-specific, industry tags, and tags specifically relevant to the post.